Sometimes, don’t you want to just knock on the Bible and get an answer from GOD? Sometimes doesn’t it seem like praying doesn’t seem to get the job done when you want it done. Sometimes, doesn’t it seem like no one hears you or understands what you are going through. No One is alone in feeling this way. Life can turn upside down in a second and you are left holding your chest gasping for air. Not knowing what to do or who to turn to, it gets hard to phone a friend or even pray. Your faith has escaped you and you are looking every where trying to find it. Any friendly words that are given to you, sends you in a different mind set as to say, what do you know, you are not going through this. Trying to climb your way out of the misery and the feeling of defeat. Trying to find that one thing that ensures you that everything will be great.

My Mother

You are not alone; have you eaten; how are you; that’s life. Ok cut it out. There is nothing you can say or do when you lose a parent. Whether it’s to a disease, drugs,a shooting or old age. There is nothing to say other than, I’m here, when you’re ready. Now mind you when I lost my MOTHER, it broke something inside of me that I forgot was there. Something that would never be fixed. That bond that we shared when I was in her belly. That bond we shared when she first saw me. Although the bond is forever, it hurts like hell that I won’t get to see her on this side again. See my mother was one of a kind. I think mom’s are unique to their babies. Did my mom know that I love her, yes! Did I know she loved me I grew to know it, but that isn’t the issue. The issue is as a daughter you don’t think about the day your mother leaves, you have this underlined hope that she will live forever. Even if y’all don’t speak everyday, it’s mom she’s untouchable. Your mom is your superhero and superheroes don’t get defeated. They can’t tap out. As a mom, I try to show my son that it’s not always strength in numbers, there is strength in GOD. There is a comfort in GOD. And so I see now that my mom found her strength and her comfort, because she is with GOD. Our Father!