So what next?

So what next? You get mad at Raven Simone, a female that possibly got raped or drugged when she was 5; when she says that “had the girl in the video just obeyed the rules, things would have went differently”. In the same instance, you don’t get mad at Michael Brown for mouthing off to the assigned authority and getting shot. Freedom of Speech right, so why is Freedom of Speech, a right for one but not the other. [Side note, stop making everything that involves two to three races about racism, he didn’t pick this girl out, he was called into that situation] Connection, you get mad at the officer that slammed a female because she disobeyed authority and thinks it wrong for a younger person to be choked slammed, but would have possibly been the first person in line if you had the opportunity to choke slam the white guy that killed the pastor and shot up the church. Again I ask, why is one greater than the other? Who do we get after for this behavior? Do we chastise the parents of Raven for signing the contract for her to work with Bill Cosby? Do we chastise Michael Brown’s parents for allowing him to act like a thug and think he’s above the law? Do we chastise the sheriff, commissioner, mayor and or the president for hiring a guy with angry issues or should they just be faulted for not stopping this the first time it happened with other students? Or do we blame the gamer maker, actors and society for showing that it’s fun to shoot and or kill people, that you get points for committing a crime? Or do we own up to the fact that had these people used common sense and did what was right ( and what is that now a day) none of this would have happened. Look at the root of the issue. Watch the seeds planted when we are born, and watch how we grow.

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