Isn’t it funny that we need conformation for what God has already told us, as if what God has already said needs a second opinion. How dare you? Look deep into your soul and remember what he has already done. Point one if you are reading this, you are alive. Glorify God just for that. You take time to search through your world, yes I said your world and just recap on what has already been done. I was listening to Tye Tribett when he made it plain. He gave the metaphor of being out of order. You know how you can be in front of a vending machine and see an out of order sign, well would you put money in the machine if it has that sign on it, NO! Well why do you expect God to put the resources in you if you are out of order. When I heard this I immediately wanted to shout! Each day we go through life thinking that our problems are so big that we can’t see in front of ourselves. Why? Do you know who God is, now think about the size of your problem and the size of your God.

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